The Xkyte FIXBox allows a quick and easy implementation of connections to FIX networks, a direct one-to-one broker connection(s), Sell-Side client connections through the standardized FIX protocol versions.

The Xkyte FIXBox allows the setup of various FIX connections and supports all FIX protocol versions. Each Buy/Sell Side Connection is parameterized based on the needs of the individual client/broker connection. With the FIXBox you can reach not only your direct counterparty, but you are also able to communicate with an unlimited number of clients/brokers through various FIX networks. Full automatic routing/trading can be achieved through the FIXBox routing solution which saves costs.

The Xkyte FIXBox is installed with a standard configuration. A functional catalog of configuration parameters is delivered with the installation.

The parameterization is performed with a GUI-Frontend. The flows, message types, scripts can be changed in a very efficient visual way. The activation of the changes is performed within this GUI-Frontend. No programming is needed in order to make any changes on the initial setup. In this way each client can map individual fields or change his message flows in a quick and efficient manner.
A scripting language is integrated for clients with more complex requirements.
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